Creating a qtag

In order to create your first qtags, you should first of all have created created a custom module.

In your custom module, create a file.

i.e. if your module is called "mymodule", you will simply create a file.

That file will be automatically included at runtime, and will contain all your custom Quanta tags. 

Inside that file, you can create a function structured as follows:

function qtag_MY_FIRST_QTAG($env, $target, &$attributes) {
  return 'Hello world!';

Here you go! From now on, by writing [MY_FIRST_QTAG] anywhere in your tpl.html, index.html or content body, your qtag will be automatically converted into: 

Hello World!

This allows for endless extension, and the Quanta core modules (located in the engine/code/php/core folder of your Quanta installation), with many pre-installed qtags, offer a wide array of examples.