Almost There!

I have been working on Quanta since Spring 2015.

Many things happened in the meanwhile, many up and downs. 

I even found myself becoming a father, at some point. 

But every single day I kept repeating to myself, like in a Mantra: that day will come.

That day we'll make it real...

...and so, ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to announce the very official beta release day for Quanta:


is that big enough? :-)

A huge step for us, a big step for humanity? Maybe! 

Maybe we'll change the way web applications are developed from now on. 

Maybe we'll disrupt the open source CMS market.

Maybe we'll create new work opportunities worldwide.

Maybe we'll inspire other people to do other beautiful things.

Just one thing, the most important, is for sure: YOU shall be with us that day!

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