Get Involved

Quanta is an open source project driven by a Community of fellow developers and other enthusiasts; their burning passion for Innovation is the real engine behind everything we do.

For Coders

If you like the Quanta concept, and possess some PHP / HTML5 / CSS skills, you can start making Quanta better... today!

Quanta's git repository is public and open for contributions by any developer who has read and accepted the terms of service and contributor guidelines.

We will really appreciate your help, especially for improving:

- Quanta's core modules
- Documentation processes and infrastructure
- The installation and update process (doctor routines)
- Continuous integration of the main repository
- Creation of base installation profiles (themes)
- Multilingual Features & Internationalization
- Testing process (human & automated)

The first step will definitely joining the repository and browsing the issues

And don't forget to put a star, to keep track of important updates!

For Humans

You are not a coder? No worries, you can still help! 

Donate some pizzas to the Quanta group. Every little bite of Pizza (we love Diavola :-) is gratefully received!

There are several other ways you can help Quanta grow, staying in touch with our activities, and helping us in letting the outside world know about us:

1) In the Alternative To site, mark Quanta as a good alternative to other mainstream Content Management Systems

You can do this by pressing the "Like" button (upon registration) and / or navigating the competitors (clicking their name), scrolling down their alternatives until reaching Quanta, and selecting "Yes" for Quanta as a good alternative to them. 

2) Put a like to our facebook page and join our facebook group, to be always up to date

3) Connect with the Founder in Linkedin 

A big Thank you in advance!

Without You and other users, the Quanta ecosystem would not exist. 

Thanks to your contributions, we are moving forward and making Quanta better every single day.