Creating a custom Quanta module

Creating a custom Quanta module is the first fundamental step to begin extending Quanta's core features, and the good news is that it's as easy as... creating a folder!

Create a module in 5 easy steps:

1) After installing Quanta you will see a _modules folder in your Quanta path. That's where your custom modules will go.

2) Inside the _modules folder, create a new folder (i.e. mymodule). 

3) Voilà! Your module is created. Now, inside your new module's path, let's create three files: 

mymodule.module - main module file, used for dependencies and including php files. 
- module's hooks - aka how the module interacts with the system 
- module's qtags 

You are now ready to start creating qtags, create custom hooks, and do all the good stuff!

Disabling a module:

If you at some point you want to disable your Quanta module, simply add the _ prefix to its folder:

Uninstalling a module:

Since Quanta does not really "install" things, to uninstall a module, just delete its corresponding folder (mymodule, in the above examples).