Creating custom forms

As Forms are a fundamental component of any web application, Quanta contains a dedicated, powerful Form engine, using qtags and hooks to make the creation of Forms easy and very flexible.

Each form will have an unique ID, that will be used by input elements to point to it.

Quanta will create the HTML5 form in the background, and you will be able to interact with submissions using dedicated hooks

How to create a Form in Quanta

The two fundamental qtags that are involved in a Form's creation are:

[INPUT] and [FORM]

A very simple example of Quanta Form, using those two tags at their most basic level, would be:

[INPUT|name=username|label=Your username:profileform]
[INPUT|type=email|name=email|label=Your email:profileform]

Resulting in:


TIP: Check the full list of Quanta item types here

Of course, a form can get much bigger than this.