Your free PHPStorm Licence

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Jetbrains is supporting qualifying open source projects with free licenses of PHP-Storm.

I have been a long term user of PHP Storm, possibly the best PHP (and not only...) IDE ever written, and I couldn't be happier to announce that Quanta has been selected eligible for the assignment of some free PhpStorm licences

This is possible as Quanta meets the Open Source definition, and is not receiving funding from commercial companies or organizations, nor providing paid support, consulting or training services. 

On our side, we would be more than happy to give those licences to active Quanta contributors, except for those working on our bounty-paid contributors who are paid to work on the project are not eligible.

In order to have your free PHPStorm licence, you must:

- be considered a Quanta Expert, having contributed to Quanta's core (see specifications)

- NOT participate in our Github "bounty" model

- Use the licence for non-commercial OS development only.  

If you think you qualify, please contact us to Apply and redeem your free PHP Storm licence.