Languages in Quanta

Quanta Applications supports the implementation of multiple languages, that can be used to make nodes and strings translatable and visualized in different languages.

The available / enabled languages are found in the _languages folder.

A "language" in Quanta is nothing but a simple node, just as any other entity.

So, to create a new language, you basically just add a new folder for it (that is usually the language prefix, such as "en" or "it").

languages in quanta

The data.json file contained in the folder, will contain the language metadata, where the "title" field is mandatory and will represent the language name.


Each language version of a certain node, will have its json file named after the correspondent language suffix.

I.e. a node in english, will have its metadata stored in data_en.json. 

The generic / language neutral nodes, are usually stored in data.json (without any suffix).

Opening a node, the order of loading will always be: 1) node in the current language of the user -> 2) node in language neutral.