The Art of recycling: reusing data, modules and functions

If you already know a bit about Quanta, you probably noticed something peculiar about its data model...

Everything in Quanta is a file or a folder.

Being free from using databases, configurations, "features" or such, opens the way to a wide array of possibilities.

Yes, because cloning nodes, user, modules between your website instances, in Quanta is just a matter of either copy-paste or create a symbolic link 

Example 1 - recycling users:

I am a webmaster, owning and managing more than 100 sites. I have created an administrator account, misteradmin, in each of those sites. For security reasons, I change my misteradmin's pass very often. How can I make this process easier?

Very easy! You can have your misteradmin created in your first or most important site, or even in a secured folder somewhere else in your file system. By creating a symlink to misteradmin inside the _users folder of each site, you will be actually reusing your same one user throughout all the sites!  

Example 2 - recycling nodes:

Given I own three different cooking blogs, A, B and C
...And I just created a pizza recipe in cooking blog A...
...And I want to publish the same pizza recipe also in blog B
...And I want all changes on the pizza recipe, to reflect on both blogs A and B

As your recipe is going to a node (aka a system folder) with a data.json file inside, by creating in blog B a symlink to the pizza recipe node/folder that you created in blog A, you will be able to include it, and it will be always up-to-date.

As the two nodes will be the very same system folder, any change to the folder or its contents will reflect wherever the folder is symlinked.