User Registration (onboarding) in Quanta

In a Quanta application, it's possible to add a registration form, allowing unregistered users to create an account and get onboard.


A default, basic registration form is rendered via the  [REGISTER] qTag. It will automatically render as a "Login" or "Logout" link, accordingly with the logged / unlogged status of the current user.

For logged in users, the qTag will be empty, as they are already part of the site.


The [LOGIN] qTag is merely an extension of the [LINK] qTag, to which it adds a specific class. 

Adding fields to the registration form

The default registration form is thought to allow quick registration / onboarding, and it contains some very basic fields such as first name and last name, that will anyways be sufficient for the large majority of the applications.

Other fields can be added in a later stage, by creating custom profile editing forms. 

But you could even think of making a custom registration form, adding all the fields that you want. 

To see how a custom registration form is made, check the dedicated training page.

Check the Tutorial:

Creating a custom registration form with email verification