Users in Quanta

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Users are people holding personal account data that is stored in the system, which grants them access and interaction with the application.

Each user is normally identified by an username and / or email, and a password

Users in Quanta

In Quanta, User data is stored into nodes (folders), just like everything else. 

Usually, a site's users are included in the _users folder.


In order for a node to be considered an "user" its JSON metadata must contain some special field.

Example of an user node

Standard User Fields

In an user node, you'll always find those fields:

password - it's the (encrypted) password of the user. (See below to know: how are passwords encrypted in Quanta?)
roles - are all the roles assigned to the user (see: Roles in Quanta)
first_name - first name of the user
last_name - last name of the user

While those other, are nothing else than the standard node fields, although used differently. 

name - reflects the name of the folder (quanta key)
title - usually is considered a "full name". By default it's composed of first name + last name (it's hookable)
thumbnail - usually used as the user avatar
teaser - usually used as the user's short description
body - usually used as the user's full description

Passwords in Quanta

As it would happen in any database, we are storing user's encrypted passwords in their related JSON file.

By default we use a standard SALT - MD5 algorithm to store passwords. 

We are also planning to make the algorithm changeable via a hook.