Well, we just moved...

Sometimes I love to tell my friends and colleagues about the work we are doing on Quanta. 

The following, is a typical conversation I have with John, an imaginary friend of mine.

John: "So what it's all about?"

Me: "Well. It's a kind of something, that does a kind of somewhat"

John: "Ehm. I see. So, what it does exactly?"

Me: "Let's say you can use it for developing websites. Or huge Big Data web applications, or Artificial Intelligence"

John: "Ah, lovely. So, where is your website? I'll definitely give a look"

Me: "Well sure. So, it's www.quantacms..." 

A weird expression appears on John face.

John: "Wait... %£%!£ what?" 

Me: "You know, CMS is for - Content Management System - and..." 

John: "Ok, ok. Let me take notes... how do you spell it, again?" 

Me: "C...M...S..."

John: "Wait one sec. Where is my pen? Damn. Ok, I'll add it to my phone's notes. If I can find the app again... well, just mail it to me, ok?" 

Me: "Ok" 

John all of a sudden disappears, and never visits your site (nor you, in some cases) again. 

The End

Now, you might have noticed... or maybe not. 

But we just have moved from https://www.quantacms.com to https://www.quanta.org ... 

A big step for Quanta, a small step for humanity... or the other way round?

However, we felt like the big work we are doing deserved a top quality address, making it much easier to communicate.

John deserves some love, and so do we!

So don't forget to update your outbound links to Quanta's website... 

Of course, those of you using the [QUANTA] qTag will just need to upgrade their repo to the latest release... it's fixed already!