Frequently Asked Questions about Quanta CMS


What are the limitations of Quanta?


Rather than speaking of "limitations", Quanta has some features that are not mature enough yet to be used in a production environment.

Here are some things you can not do with Quanta yet, and what we are doing to solve them:

Advanced search with exposed filters / faceted search 
Quanta at the moment allows list and tree views, based on the folders structure, but since node data is not indexed anywhere, listing nodes is extremely fast when dealing with folders, not so fast when dealing with metadata (i.e. when wanting to run a large custom query, or faceted search).
To achieve this important, we are currently working on making Quanta compatible with Elastic Search. Powerful and widely used, hank to its intuitive JSON approach, Elastic would be perfect for Quanta's JSON based data model!

Visual embedding of images and qtags in the WYSIWYG editor
Quanta is using the amazing Froala editor for visually entering data. Still, we didn't implement any custom Froala plugin for supporting qtags... so qtags are just inserted manually, and visible as they are (just as in github, wikipedia, and many other platforms).
While this is lovely for code junkies, we would love to make a provide a support creating a Froala plugin for each qtag, so that non-technical users could have an even better editing experience.

Missing a default administrator menu
This is intentional. As we don't want to bloat Quanta with things that "maybe" you will use just in part, you will have to create your own administraton bar and administration pages. The good news is that creating administration pages with Quanta is very easy, and will allow you to create exactly what you need, the way you want it.

Our github community is working hard to make Quanta every day a better CMS... join us today!