Frequently Asked Questions about Quanta CMS


What makes Quanta so fast?


The obvious answer could be: Quanta doesn't use a traditional SQL database, so loading a page is as fast as opening a system folder  and parsing a JSON file contained into it. And yes, that's... fast! 

While it seems easy, it took us years of work and brainstorming to develop a data model that would allow us to retrieve a folder / node quickly, without relying on external tools (such as locate).

Actually we are using UNIX's find command to retrieve a folder, and then we are storing its path in the temporary folder, in a three-level, sub-sequential chain of subfolders... as a symlink.

The image below talks by itself:

quanta cache access

Using this approach, you don't even have to search for a node: you already know its path! 

And should you ever have some millions or billions of nodes, you will be able to easily share your cache folder between a distributed network. After all, we are just talking about folders, files, symlinks!

Given a node named qwerty, a symlink will always exist: (quantatmp)/cache/q/w/e/querty pointing to it. 

Also, node loading is always cached (as in all major CMSs) so, a node is never built and rendered more than one time per pageload. 

Then, we have a built-in system for minifying js and css, a tool for automatically compressing images...

...And much more!