Frequently Asked Questions about Quanta CMS


Why using file system folders as a database?


There is something beautiful about using your file system's folders as a database. 

- you can use your file explorer as a database UI - managing your Quanta db, consists in browsing through your folders. You can add symlinks, delete folders, as you do with normal files. No more use SQL queries, admin interfaces, weird commands such as TRUNCATE or REPAIR, or such! Everything is in front of you.

- backing up your application? It's just a copy paste! - and you can pack the whole project just via your version control software's repository (i.e. GIT). No more DB dumps, no more faulty synchronizations between environments... your whole project can go in a pen drive! 

- we will keep improving folder / nodes access and querying - if you think about it, there are several ways you can find a folder in an unix system. grep, find, locate commands in unix, are an example. For more complex queries, an indexing search engine such as Elastic search or Apache Solr can be used. You can create your own node retrieval method, if you wish. And after all it's always, only folders!